Story Development

Stories allow brands to connect with audiences on an emotional level, generating action. Often though, stories are produced for brands as highly directed and unilateral content. Every great storyteller from any tradition will tell you that the most powerful stories happen and are completed in the mind of the audience, making each and every story unique and personal for the individual. We can create a story that is unique to your brand and to your audience, and we can make you better understand the full narrative of your brand which parts of the story you need to create, which to co-create with the audience and which to leave to the audience for them to impart and complete their meaning. The output will be a thought out story, outlining characters, personalities, interest points, present, past and evolution in time.

Story Development for COP16

 With the mandate to inform the stakeholders at the Conference Of Parties on the actions taken on Climate Change by the United Nations, we designed a communication strategy within the Delivering as One framework, defining the tone, message and depth of data, sourcing and organizing content.